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…It’s Website Wednesday: Huge Type?

Huge Type

Huge Type is “an experiment with found type on the iPhone”.

Basically, users take photos of letters and numbers that they find out in public, upload and tag each letter according to what it is, and then other users can search and view those letters on their iPhone.

Huge Type Words

There’s not a lot to it, but it does allow you to get together with other typographic nerds and form words and phrases by putting your iPhones together, and who doesn’t want to do that?

[Huge Type]

…Nir Tober writes with fire?

Nir Tober - Fire Poi Typography

Nir Tober’s Fire Letters is a fantastic use of flames to create a rather unique font.

Apparently each letter took between 30 and 50 takes to get right, and it took about 15 hours over 2 sessions to get everything just right, with the final result being the un-Photoshopped images that you see here.

[Nir Tober – Fire Poi Typography]

[Via: Like Cool]

…Typography is neat?

Typography is an instructional style video about the look of language.

The animation is extremely well done, and I love the old look and feel that it has, so check it out:

For a few other typography related videos, check out Pulp Fiction (NSFW):

And Who’s on First?: