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…Victorinox and Airstream have teamed up?

Victorinox Airstream

Apparently everyone is getting into the Airstream business, as Victorinox joins Mini as the latest company to introduce a custom trailer.

Built to celebrate their 125th anniversary, the Victorinox Airstream will feature a spruced up interior and a collection of Swiss Army products, including watches, flashlights, umbrellas, multi-tools, duffel bags and knife blocks.

[Airstream – Victorinox Special Edition]

[Via: Acquire]

…It’s Website Wednesday: Umbrella Today?

Umbrella Today?

Umbrella Today? is a fantastically simple webapp that does one thing only but it does it well: Tell you if you need to bring along your umbrella for the day.

To use it, simply type in your zip code. Then, the site will either tell you, Yes, it’s going to be an umbrella day, or No, you’re safe for now.

However, Umbrella Today? is not just a one trick pony. If you give it your cell number and a preferred time, Umbrella Today? will send you a text message on days that it decides you need to bring an umbrella according to their weather report.

Ella, ella, eh eh eh.

[Umbrella Today?]

[Via: Lifehacker]

…Umbrellas can be deadly?

Squirt Gun Umbrella

Since I’ve been sloshing through the rain for a few days now, I am starting to wish there was a better way to stay dry.

While this umbrella might not keep you out of the elements any better than a normal umbrella, it will keep you entertained with a squirt gun handle that is perfect for hand to hand combat.

Rainwater is collected to fill the gun’s reservoir, and the umbrella itself acts as a shield in case of ambush, so there’re the perfect cure for rainy day blues.

Slosh on.

[Alex Woolley Design – Squirt Gun Umbrella]

[Via: Neatorama]

…Britney was driven crazy?

Britney Umbrella

Though I try not to write about celebrity gossip on DYH (it’s just too easy, and I don’t really care), sometimes it’s just too good to pass up. Apparently, after having a mental breakdown and shaving her own head, Britney Spears took out her remaining frustrations on Kevin Federline’s Ford Explorer, beating it with an umbrella, and was then taken to a rehab clinic by her mom, who had to pick her up from K-Fed’s driveway to end her reign of terror. Who knew her song “(You Drive Me) Crazy” would turn out to be just a warning?

[Via: Buzz Patrol]