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…Bugs have Flight Patterns?

I’m always amazed by the regularity that occurs when you look at something with a time frame that is outside of what the human brain can process. (Example: Time lapse or slow motion.) Under the right conditions, the seemingly random and unpredictable can often turns into nice, neat patterns.

One example of this is Flight Patterns, a short clip by Charlie McCarthy that shows the flight patterns of bugs under a streetlight. It was made by stitching together a bunch of long exposure photographs, and shows that each bug has its own unique pattern that it likes to follow.


…Parcels can make pinhole art?

Pinhole Parcel Project

Originally the Pinhole Parcel Project was designed to show the journey that a parcel goes through from the sender to its final destination.

Pinhole cameras were sent through the regular postal service, and along the way they recorded their journey on the photographic negative, “creating highly unpredictable, abstract imagery”.

Pinhole Parcel Project Art

Now though, Mike Thompson and Jamie House want you to help them create the next round of Pinhole art with the Pinhole Litter Project.

To take part:

  1. Pick up a can.
  2. Document the place you found it, (as a digital jpeg file 72dpi and e-mail it to them) Include details of Date, Location and Country.
  3. Send the can in the post with return postage and your address to:
    Pinhole Litter Project
    1 Oxford Villas
    St Stephens
    PL12 4AP
  4. They will convert the can into a pinhole camera, and send it back to you.
  5. When you receive the camera, place the can in the original spot you found it.
  6. Open the black tape shutter, (don’t touch camera whilst exposing) and expose for 40 secsonds in direct sunlight or 4 minutes on an overcast day or in the shade.
  7. Place the shutter back on, and send the camera back to them for processing of image.

It sounds like something that will definitely create a bunch of unique images, so be sure to check back with them along the way to see what the project turns into.

[Pinhole Litter Project]

[Via: Yewknee]