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…James Piatt uses Tinkerbell to make fun of Paris Hilton?

James Piatt Tinkerbell Purse

If you’re worried that people have stopped calling your purse silly and extreme, then check out the Tinkerbell purse from James Piatt.

The purse, which looks like an upside down dead Chihuahua (made of leather), is based on Paris Hilton’s discarded pet Tinkerbell, and is meant to capitalize on the trend of carrying a small dog as a fashion accessory.

[James Piatt – Tinkerbell]

[Via: Neatorama]

…Faces look funny upside-down?

Continuing the theme of interesting photo techniques, this one involves putting parts of a face on your chin and then taking an upside-down photo of your face:

Upside-Down Faces

[Via: Popgive]

…Christmas trees can be unusual?

Mountain Dew Christmas TreeLooking to celebrate Christmas a little…differently, this year?

Then check out Neatorama’s list of The World’s Most Unusual Christmas Trees.

Featuring the Upside Down Christmas Tree, the Mountain Dew Christmas Tree, the World’s Most Expensive Christmas Tree, and the Giant Christmas Tree (among others), it’s a great source of inspiration if the Douglas Fir just doesn’t do it for you anymore.

[Neatorama – The World’s Most Unusual Christmas Trees]

[Mountain Dew Christmas Tree]