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…Narwhal recycles neckties?


Narwhal Co. takes gently used, vintage neckties, and recycles them into handmade, one of a kind accessories, including wallets, iPod covers, iPhone covers, wrist wear, clothing, and even custom orders if you know exactly what you want.

Since each item is unique, you’re guaranteed not to see another just like it. Plus, since they’re made with recycled materials, you can feel good about your purchase’s effect on the planet.

Sounds good to me!

[Narwhal Co.]


…Pool balls make cool rings?

Pool Ball Rings

These hand carved pool ball rings are a great use of used materials.

They’re available in sizes 5-10, and you can choose form any numbered ball between 1 and 15, so you’re guaranteed to have a completely custom and unique ring that shows off your pool hall style.

[Etsy – Numbered Pool Ball Ring]