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…It’s TGI Friday: Twin Shot?

Twin Shot

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, which means it’s the perfect time to sit down in front of the computer with someone you love and defend each other against wave after wave of monsters in a game like Twin Shot.

Like the rest of Nitrome’s Games, Twin Shot is both fantastic looking and fun to play, so the goal is to use your trusty bow and arrow to defend yourself against the monsters that are trying to attack you. You can also fire your arrows into the wall to make platforms that you can walk on to reach higher places to fire from, and you can even team up with your significant other for some two-player action that will get them in on the fun as well.

After a round or two of monster killing mayhem though, just don’t be surprised when the arrows of love start firing off screen as well.

[Nitrome – Twin Shot]

…Lolcats can lolpropose?


How can you tell when a meme is nearing the end of its popularity?

People start proposing through it.

On Valentine’s Day, Jon asked Loretta to marry him with a lolcat that was placed on “I Can Has Cheezburger?”, and thankfully, she said yes. (With a lolcat as well.)

Now that we’ve seen the lolproposal, is the loldivorce the next step in this meme’s evolution?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

[I Can Has Cheezburger? – So, U Wantz Marry Her?]

…It’s Things Thursday: FriendsWithYou Mimobots?

FriendsWithYou Mimobots

Mimoco is celebrating Valentine’s Day by releasing a “super limited edition” series of their Mimobots, done in collaboration with FriendsWithYou.

Mr. Phantom and Buddy Chub are the first in the series to arrive, and there are only going to be 411 of each made, so hurry if you want one.

The rest of the series (including Malfi, Smiling Malfi, Super Malfi, and Mr. TTT Rainbow) all arrive in March, so keep an eye out for these limited edition flash storage devices if FWY is your style.

[Mimoco – FriendsWithYou Mimobots]

…Nerds like chocolate?

Mii Chocolates

Be nice to your nerd with a set of Chocolate Miis.

Available in either white or dark chocolate, the Paul Pape Designs Mii Chocolates are available as either boy/girl, boy/boy, or girl/girl, and come packaged in a Wii box that says “Wii belong together you and Mii” on the front.

Does a gamer’s Valentine’s Day get any better than that?

[Paul Pape Designs – Mii Chocolates]

[Via: YumSugar]