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…Books make great gifts?

Hollow Book Gift

Mark Lowrie has a great idea for that homemade gift giving type person. He uses hollowed out books that he fills with interesting contents such as The Vice Control book, filled with vices; or the vintage pulp book filled with journals and writing supplies. Hollow out a copy of the Kama Sutra, fill it with appropriate supplies, and you’ve got yourself one creative and original V Day gift. Plus, the surprise of opening a gift to find a book but then opening the book to find a gift would definitely be the best part of giving something like this.

[Flickr – Hollow Books]

[Via: Boing Boing]

…It’s Things Thursday: Candy Bra?

Candy Bra

If you’re still looking for the perfect V-Day gift, why not get something that looks good enough to eat? The Candy Bra features 330 fruit-flavored candy pieces, fits all (most) sizes, and is only 60 calories. Desert has never looked so good.

[Candy Bra]

[Via: Neatorama]

…LELO makes romantic gifts?


If you’re already starting to worry about Valentine’s Day and what you’re going to get that really special someone, check out LELO’s NEA Black Pearl Valentine. This special edition pleasure object, a collaboration between LELO and designer Jesper Kouthoofd, features an archetypal sweet heart tattoo that “hints at an age of innocence” and the word love “naughtily located on the tip of the pleasure point”. All NEAs feature a porcelain-like finish and deceptively powerful purr, are rechargeable, exceedingly quiet, and “designed to accommodate all those special places”. Each is also beautifully packaged in a very Apple like manner, making this a very classy gift to both give and receive.