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…Vanilla Ice will get his own Nikes?

Vanilla Ice Blazer

The third shoe in the Nike SB Fallen Heroes pack is the Vanilla Ice (AKA Robert Matthew Van Winkle) Blazer, a simple design with subtle references to his “To The Extreme” album cover art.

To The Extreme

Plus, they steal beats from other shoes, then deny it publicly till they’re forced to revamp their career on a bad episode of The Surreal Life.

[Via: High Snobiety]

…Rapping paper is a play on words?

(W)rapping Paper

Rapping Paper takes its subject matter seriously with lyrically based designs. Featuring songs by House Of Pain, The Sugar Hill Gang, NWA and Vanilla Ice, this wrapping paper by Si Hill Design is sure to please with its punderful play on words.

[(W)rapping Paper]

[Via: Boing Boing]