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…Memorial Day weekend is great for projects?

If you have a day off this Memorial Day weekend, or if you are just looking for something to do, why not take on a project? To inspire you, I’ve put together five ideas that are (relatively) simple, (relatively) easy, and (relatively) cheap, and should be doable during the next few days (hopefully).

1) The Twilight Zone

A simple Zippo trick that takes just minutes to master, but is sure to impress.

2) Tic-Tac Rechargeable Flashlight

Tic-Tac Flashlight

This small flashlight is recharged when you shake it, and is a great way to learn about simple circuits.

3) Cheap, Dirty, At Home Screen Printing

Screen Printing

With an old picture frame, some curtains, sun emulsion, a garden hose, and ink, you can screen print out your very own fashion in just hours. Never wear the same shirt again!

4) Create Vector Art

Vector Art

This one requires Photoshop and Flash, but if you’ve got those programs, custom backgrounds are just a vector away.

5) Kinetic Wall Art Clock

Take apart an inexpensive clock and turn it into wall art with a subtly changing moire effect that would make any MoMA proud.

Now stop wasting the day, and get going!

…Neil Duerden likes colors?

Royal Magazine


Neil Duerden, a self confessed mac monkey, makes amazing pieces that “combine elements from mixed media, photography that are interlaced with complex vectors to create pieces that always hit the brief”. He’s based out of the UK, so his sales pitch might not translate quite right, but he does speak the universal language of beauty, using bright, vibrant colors and sharp, contrasting designs to create work that jumps off the page. If only all advertising was so interesting.

[Neil Duerden]