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…Yahoo! emails a lot of photos?

Crocodile HandEver wonder what photos are filling the Internet’s tubes at any one moment?

To help answer that question, Yahoo! has put together a list of the Most Emailed Photos that have traveled through their system, and it’s filled with some classic pics.

If images can be viral, then these are the ones that spread like an epidemic.

[Yahoo! – Most Emailed Photos]

[Via: Mixx]

…eBay will give you Windorphins?


eBay’s got a clever viral marketing campaign going on right now called Windorphins, “natural, addictive substances in the body that are triggered during victorious moments”.

    “After a big win, windorphins deliver a general sensation of unabashed joy in the brain, leading to heightened energy, exuberance and outright slam dunk high-five behavior”.

On the site, you can learn more about the windorphins effect, create your own windorphin, watch a great series of commercials, and vote on who’s got more windorphins.

No losers allowed.


[Via: Trend Hunter]

…It’s Movie Monday: The Landlord?

Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and McKay’s 2-year-old daughter Pearl are the stars behind the latest viral hit, The Landlord. Thankfully, “she is in this great stage now where she repeats anything you say to her and then forgets it right away, which is key”, otherwise, Adam might have some ‘splainin to do. I want my money, bitch.

Edit: I’m putting in the YouTube version until Funny Or Die fixes their videos so that they don’t automatically start without having to be clicked on. If you want to see the original version though, check out Funny Or Die.

[People – Behind Will Ferrell’s ‘Cursing Baby’ Video]

[Funny Or Die – The Landlord]

…Family Guy is taking over the Internet?

Family Guy is seeking its own little piece of viral marketing fame with online only episodes, the firsts of which is a late-night talk show hosted by Stewie and Brian called “Up Late with Stewie & Brian”. It’ll be interesting to see what they can do with the less censored online world, though Family Guy does push just about every boundary the television world gives it, so I don’t think there’s too much farther they can go.

Up Late

[Family Guy Videos]

[MySpace – Family Guy]

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