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…iTab is an Apple tablet?


If you’re tired of waiting for Apple to release a tablet, then check out iTab, the creation of a user that just wasn’t willing to wait for Apple’s typical release cycle.

Made by Frankensteining together a Wacom Intuos and a broken MacBook, the iTab actually looks like it works rather well considering the hacked together nature of the whole project.

If you’re like to find out more info, or if you’re thinking of building one yourself, then check out his site for a full walk-through of the process.


[Via: Lifehacker]

…It’s TGI Friday: iSketch?


iSketch is an amazingly addictive online drawing game.

Though I intended to post about this game at some point in the future, seeing the following video helped me decide that today was the day:

The game plays as follows: One at a time, players draw a word that the other players have to guess. The first person to guess right gets 10 points, and any other player who also guesses the word correctly get fewer and fewer points until the round ends after a certain amount of time.

It sound simple, and it’s basically just an online version of Pictionary, but play a few rounds and you’ll soon see what all the fuss is about.


[Via: Kottke]