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…The Ferrambo is finished and fabulous?


Remember the Ferrambo, a half 1960 Rambler Wagon Estate, half 2002 Ferrari F360 piece of perfection built by Divers Street Rods?

Well it’s done now, and soon after its completion, it managed to take home an award that is given only to pieces of perfection: the 2008 Riddler.

Now pardon me while I drool…

[Divers Street Rods]

[Via: Jalopnik]

…Thule Trail doesn’t travel through Oregon?

Thule Trail

Thule Trail takes the classic Oregon Trail formula, strips out the wagon, strips out the dysentery, gives you a car with Thule gear, and creates an amazingly entertaining Flash game.

    Road trip to the Atlantis Music Festival!

    See if you have what it takes to navigate through nasty weather, road grub, car problems, and crazy drifters.

There are plenty of mini-games to keep you entertained, a dry humor that will make you chuckle, and they’ve even used 8-bit sound for extra authenticity.

Can you make it to Santa Barbara?

[Thule Trail]

[Via: Kotaku]

…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Divers Street Rods?


What do you get when you combine a 1960 Rambler Wagon Estate, a wrecked 2002 Ferrari F360 drivetrain, suspension and interior, some amazing fabrication skills, and a dream? You get the Ferrambo, a project that is underway over at Divers Street Rods.

Ferrambo Composite

Though it’s currently in a pretty rough state, the end result should be amazing, with the prancing horse lending quite a few cues to the final design.

Ford GT Street Rod

If that’s not enough, Divers is also working on a ’39 street rod that they’re installing a Ford GT engine into. Amazing.

[Divers Street Rods]

[Via: Jalopnik]