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…The Hopsicle is a frozen beer on a stick?


Take a beer, freeze it, add a stick, and what do you get?

According to one chef at Rustico’s in Washington, DC, you get the “Hopsicle”, a frozen treat for those that don’t like sweet.

No need to travel to try one though, as I’m sure they’re easy to make for the DIY crowd with an extra six pack and some popsicle sticks.

[Via: Spluch]

…Trash is art?

Trashball Sign

Apparently, Justin Gignac isn’t the only one who thinks that garbage can be art. Christopher Goodwin, a 37-year-old dump truck driver from Washington D.C., collects trash and puts it into one-inch plastic balls that he calls Trashballs. He then fills two vending machines with these Trashballs, and for a quarter, anyone can get a piece of his work. So far he’s sold over 3,000 of them, for a total profit of $750 (in other words, he does it for the love, and not for the money). What love, you ask? “I kind of think everything deserves a second look… Someone designed this, manufactured it, used it and tossed it away”. These aren’t just G rated balls either; as he’s been known to fill them with “dead bugs, drug baggies and broken glass”. There’s even a sign over each dispenser, asking that no one under 18 buy a Trashball.


If you’d like to see some of the larger and more important pieces of trash that Chris finds, be sure to check out his blog for a look at some of D.C.’s finest. It’s trashtastic.


[Trashball Blog]

[Via: Washington Post]

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