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…The Sahara is a runner’s paradise?

Running The Sahara Map

To say that Charlie Engle, Ray Zahab and Devin Lin are just runners would be like saying that Michael Jordan was just a basketball player. The three recently completed a 111-day run across the Sahara Desert from Senegal to Egypt, a 4,000-mile distance that required them to do an average of 2 marathons per day. Keep in mind, I did say the Sahara Desert, as in, the world’s largest desert, as in, really, really dry, and definitely not a place you’d want to go running for fun. Charlie, Ray and Devin aren’t just doing it for fun though; their goal is to raise money for H2O Africa, a clean water initiative with the goal of bringing fresh water to the people of Africa. There is also going to be a movie made about the experience called “Running The Sahara”, and I’m sure there are going to be quite a few stories to tell, so be on the look out for the release date. Now would probably be a good time to buy stock in a blister medicine company.

[National Geographic – Running The Sahara]

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…Charity: Water gives back?

Charity: Water

Though normally I’d scoff at anyone willing to pay $20 for a bottle of water, I think anyone willing to buy a bottle of Charity: Water deserves praise instead. For each bottle of Charity: Water sold, 100% of the funds go toward freshwater well projects in Africa. For just $4,000, a new well can be dug in Ethiopia that will provide hundreds if not thousands of people with fresh, clean drinking water. Flavorpill has already pledged to donate $2,000 towards the building of the first well, so they only need to sell 100 bottles to start the process. Give a little back the next time you hydrate, and it could save a life.

[Charity: Water]


…The Ring Faucet is holey?

Ring Faucet

Sun Liang’s Ring Faucet “is about experiencing water in a whole new way in our daily lives – to rediscover the awe-inspiring beauty of water in a small home faucet”. Artsy stuff aside, this is one cool looking faucet, with a view window on top that lets light illuminate your water from above. Plus, it’s designed to fit a variety of sink settings and requirements. Nifty.

[Ring Faucet]

[Via: Gizmodo]

…There might be water on Mars?

Mars Water

New photographs taken by the Mars Global Surveyor before it stopped calling (hate it when that happens) suggest that liquid water flowed on Mars as recently as several years ago. Flowing water would be a strong sign that the red planet is hospitable to life, and gives hope to those wishing to take their vacation somewhere really unique. Sadly, still no big headed green aliens have been found.

[CNN – Water On Mars]