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…Water can fall up?

Kinder Downfall

The Kinder Downfall is a waterfall in the United Kingdom that flows upwards.

Ok, so it doesn’t exactly flow upwards, but with certain wind conditions, the water is blown back on itself, and nothing actually reaches the ground below. Check it out:

[Wikipedia – Kinder Scout]

…The Oribi Gorge is scary?

Oribi Gorge

In South Africa, the world’s highest swing is located in a place called Oribi Gorge. The jump takes you off of a 33-story waterfall, and lasts only a few terrifying seconds, but I’m sure the feeling is hard to beat. Check out the video (you might want to turn down your sound first):

Edit: This post has gotten quite a bit on attention, so if you’re looking for more information about this “Wild Swing”, check out: Wild 5 Swing.

[Via: High T3ch]