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…Timbuk2 loves Pabst Blue Ribbin?

Timbuk2 Dolores Chiller

Timbuk2’s new Dolores Chiller messenger bag doesn’t just look like a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, it’ll hold a 12-pack of them as well!

That’s because the beer themed bag is lined with waterproof and insulated material on the inside so that you can pack it with ice and keep some cold ones chilled on a hot summer day. Plus, there’s a bottle opener built right in so that you don’t have to use your teeth. (Again.)

[Timbuk2 – Dolores Chiller]

…It’s Things Thursday: Swims?


Crocs may be going out of style (and for many people, they never came into style in the first place), but that just means that something else needs to take their place.

Swims are definitely trying, and the waterproof overshoe actually does provide some function, so it’s not just all form.

Available in either Classic (low) or Mobster (high) style, Swims are designed to slip over your regular shoes, and provide protection from the elements.

Can these take the throne from the current Croc king?


…SwimMan makes a waterproof Shuffle?


Most of the time, if you want to swim with some tunes, you have to rig up some kind of waterproof case and hope that it doesn’t leak all over your precious ‘Pod. Now, a company called SwimMan has created a waterproof iPod Shuffle that is good up to depths of 10 feet. The second generation Shuffles are disassembled, and the innards are fortified with some kind of waterproof magic dust (probably not, but I’m not exactly sure what they do to them). You’ll still have to find a pair of waterproof buds (though SwimMan does sell a pair), but if you’re a swimmer or a triathloner, there’s no better (or smaller) way to get your waterproof music than with a SwimMan.


[Via: UberGizmo]