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…DYH is back again?

Apparently, in addition to causing a DNS error that gave DYH a wonderful Error 500 Internal Server Error front page for a few days, it looks like my web hosting company was also kind enough to corrupt my WordPress install as well, which means I just spent the last 6 hours updating WordPress, which means that I then had to update my K2 theme install so that it would play nicely with the newly installed WordPress, which means that I had to update my custom K2 theme so that it would play nicely with the newly installed K2, which means that I’m not exactly happy with my web hosting company right now.

Because of this whole endeavor, I’m definitely going to be switching soon though, so once I do, get ready for a revealing and then a thorough bad mouthing of my current host. Anyone have any suggestions for a new one?

Unfortunately, this unexpected delay has also set back my triumphant return by a few hours, but it looks like everything is running somewhat smoothly for now, so expect a return to normalcy by the end of today (hopefully).

Thanks to everyone for sticking with me through this trying time, and I’m looking forward to what DYH has in store for ’08, so I hope you are too.