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…Hot dogs can flavor vodka?


You may not mind the mystery meat that makes up a hot dog, but what about a vodka infused with the taste of America’s favorite finger food? Andrew Fenton has created weeniecello, a liquor that “has a fine beefy taste, with a hint of salt and gentle spiciness that lends itself to pairings with nachos or buffalo wings. Don’t want yours straight up? Try the Weenie-Tini, a concoction featuring:

    3 oz weeniecello
    1oz dry vermouth
    splash of sauerkraut brine
    garnished with a slice of frankfurter

Or, you can serve it in a shot glass and call it an Eenie-Weenie-Tini. As Smirnoff hasn’t released their own hot dog flavored vodka, I’d imagine the taste is either a love it or hate it sort of thing, but definitely something interesting to try the next time inebriation calls. Limp Bizkit would be so proud.

Limp Bizkit