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…Ghost bikes are a solemn reminder?

Ghost Bikes

Unfortunately, cars and bikes don’t always get along, and when confrontations happen, the bike is usually on the loosing end.

For those that pass on to the bike path in the sky, a painted white “Ghost Bike” is often locked to a nearby pole as an epitaph to the departed biker. These bikes serve as a reminder to cars that everyone needs to share the road, so the next time you see one remember: Share the road to save a life.

[GOOD – Ghost Rider]

…It’s Things Thursday: Jawbone?


Except for a lack of loud, the Aliph Jawbone has always been the best Bluetooth headset around.

So how do you make the best even better?

Simple: Release a beautifully themed line of limited edtions.

Called Sweet Talk, Dirty Talk, and Trash Talk (gold, black and white respectively) they each have a design that smoothes out the usual Jawbone dimples, and features ‘hieroglyphics’ to match the description.

Which one are you?

[Aliph – Jawbone]

…Nerds like chocolate?

Mii Chocolates

Be nice to your nerd with a set of Chocolate Miis.

Available in either white or dark chocolate, the Paul Pape Designs Mii Chocolates are available as either boy/girl, boy/boy, or girl/girl, and come packaged in a Wii box that says “Wii belong together you and Mii” on the front.

Does a gamer’s Valentine’s Day get any better than that?

[Paul Pape Designs – Mii Chocolates]

[Via: YumSugar]

…Google should be black?

Black Google

Here’s an interesting theory:

    1. An all white web page takes more energy to display than an all black web page.
    2. Google is an all white web page.
    3. Google is probably showing up on one screen or another for an average of 550,000 hours each day.
    4. If Google switched from an all white to an all black design, they could save the country $300,000 per year in energy usage.

Though it’s all rough numbers, and the black/white effect might only matter for CRT monitors (and not LCD monitors), the idea that a simple design color change could save thousands of Megawatt-hours per year is definitely something to think about. And you thought DYH’s design was just black to be different.

[Ecolron – Black Google Would Save 3,000 Megawatts a Year]

[Via: Digg]