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…Your Mac can be a Wiinstrument?

The Wiinstrument

The Wiinstrument is an application that allows you to connect a Wiimote and Nunchuck to your Mac via Bluetooth, and turns your Mac into a MIDI controlling machine.

After syncing the controllers to your Mac, you make music by simply moving them around. The buttons and directional pad select instruments, and the software even taps into the Wiimote’s motion sensor to vary the sound depending on the speed of your swing.

It’s still in Beta, so there are bound to be a few bugs, but with an open source code, they should get squished quickly.

Ready to rock the world?

Then give the Wiinstrument a try.


[Via: MacApper]

…Johnny Lee loves his Wii?

Johnny Lee is a Wiimote Magician.

By using the Wiimote/Sensor Bar combination (only reversed) with a specially designed program that he created, Johnny has turned the Wii a low cost Virtual Reality display that even looks believable on YouTube.

Could this be the future of gaming? (I hope so.)

[Johnny Lee]

…Nintendo can control your fashion?

Nintendo Evolution


Nintendo’s controller has been through quite an evolution from its small, squared off and strikingly basic D-Pad beginnings to the upcoming wireless and definitely less than conventional Wiimote. Each step probably marks a specific time in each gamer’s career, and fond memories are more than likely drawn up by the sight of each iconic commanding device. Celebrate the coming of age Nintendo has gone through with the Nintendo Controller Evolution T-Shirt, and show everyone that your wardrobe totally pwns theirs. Sadly, the Playstation version just doesn’t have the same effect.

[Evolution T-Shirt]

[Via: Kotaku]