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…Cookie Composites make beautiful helmets?

Cookie Composites ROK

During an Australian vacation, I had a chance to stop by the Cookie Composites shop with a friend that’s an active skydiver so that he could pick up a new lens for his skydive helmet/camera rig.

Seeing this small company that operates on a global scale up close and personal really gave me an appreciation for their hands on approach and handmade quality. Each piece is made with precision and care, and they were happy to show us around even though we showed up at their door essentially unannounced.

Cookie Composites ROK Design

In 2006, Cookie Composites decided to reshape their brand, and hired a team of media and advertisement specialists to develop the brand’s new values. During that time, Ricardo Sa Freire was brought on to develop a range of new helmets that would translate those new values into a signature shape for their new products, and he shared that process online.

The ROK helmet is what came out of that process, and it’s a helmet designed for swoop canopy divers and base jumpers, with air intakes in both sides that are used to measure the speed through the sound of the wind.

Cookie Composites ROK Detail

Since the process behind the end result is no less impressive than what they created, it’s a fantastic read that gives you a glimpse into the world and work of a real designer as he creates a product that is designed to look good, save lives, and function in some of the most extreme environments imaginable.

[Cookie Composites]

[Ricardo Sa Freire]


…Water can fall up?

Kinder Downfall

The Kinder Downfall is a waterfall in the United Kingdom that flows upwards.

Ok, so it doesn’t exactly flow upwards, but with certain wind conditions, the water is blown back on itself, and nothing actually reaches the ground below. Check it out:

[Wikipedia – Kinder Scout]

…Snowkiting lets you cross the moon?


To Cross The Moon is an attempt to snowkite across North Dakota from Canada to South Dakota (370 miles) in an effort to bring attention to the potential for wind power to be a viable alternative energy source. I had never heard of snowkiting, though I’ve seen people kitesurfing, so I’m assuming that snowkiting is similar to that, only without the soft water landing to break your fall. But you know what they say about assuming…

[To Cross The Moon]

[Via: TreeHugger]

[Photo Via: International Snowkiting Association]

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