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…It’s Movie Monday: Streamlined 08?

Streamlined 08

Though you’ve probably never seen a paragliding action movie before (I know I hadn’t!) Streamlined 08 is here to show you what you’ve been missing.

Featuring several aero maneuver filled runs, wingsuit base jumping, as well as special “drop bag” jumps from bridges, balloons, cable cars, dam walls, a gyrocopter and an aircraft, this movie will definitely give your heart a nice little boost, and might even get you to consider picking up a rig of your own and giving it a try if the wind is right and the mood strikes you:

[Team Silver]

…Wingsuits let you fly?

Some people will do anything for a little fix of adrenaline. The guy in the following video used what’s called a wingsuit to fly mere feet above the side of a mountain.

[Via: Digg]