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…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Makela Auto Tuning’s 1929 Ford Model A?

1929 Ford Model A

A 1929 Ford Model A isn’t exactly the car that you expect to see for Tuner Tuesday, but when it’s been given a 250 HP rally-spec Cosworth engine for motivation, anything’s possible.

Built by Makela Auto Tuning, it’s basically a pristine condition classic with a few extra ponies added in for fun.

To handle the extra power, the original wood wheels were replaced with wood-look metal, and better seatbelts were installed to keep things under control should the going get tough, but besides that, it’s pretty much 1929 through and through.

What types of numbers are you looking at here?

How about five seconds to sixty and a top speed of 124 MPH?

Unique is one word for it. (Crazy is the other.)

[Makela Auto Tuning – 1929 Ford Model A]

[Via: Hot Rod]