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…It’s possible to wear 155 shirts at the same time?

The new world record for most t-shirts worn at one time has been set, and it’s a staggering 155 shirts, weighing in at over 100 pounds. It took Matt McAllister over 4 hours to put on all the shirts, sized small through 10XL (that’s XXXXXXXXXXL), but what’s a little waste of time in the name of everlasting Guinness World Record glory? The video gives you an idea of just what goes into setting such a record, though sadly there is no mention of exactly how one goes about taking off such a record setting feat (Without a definitive answer, I’m left to imagine a giant t-shirt chainsaw making short work of the whole process, but that’s just me).

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…There is a new World’s Largest Cheeseburger?

Giant Cheeseburger

There’s a new king of the giant cheeseburger world, and it’s name is Big Bob’s Texas Belt Buster. Featured as a regular menu item at Bob’s BBQ & Grill in Pattaya, Thailand, the Belt Buster was created in celebration of the King of Thailand’s 60th year on the throne, but will now be available to anyone willing to drop $400 on a burger that must be ordered 12 hours in advance. It weighs in at 78.5 pounds, demolishing the previously held record of 50 pounds by Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub in Pennsylvania. Measuring 23.5 inches in diameter and 13.75 inches in height, it’s sure not something you’ll be holding between your two very hungry hands. In fact, you’re definitely going to need a group to finish off this behemoth. The bun is made in Bob’s in house bakery, and the 55.12 pounds of Bob’s top quality beef is cooked 6.5 hours until it slims down to a mere 45 pounds. Then the toppings are added:

  • 2 large heads of lettuce
  • 15 tomatoes
  • 4 large onions
  • 35 slices of cheese
  • 1.5 cups mustard
  • 1 cup ketchup
  • 4 whole pickles
  • 4 whole jalapenos

After certification by the Guinness Book of World Records, it will officially be listed as “The World’s Largest Commercially Available Hamburger”, and I think the title is well deserved. It can’t be long before we see a triple digit burger, and only then will it be worthy of Kobayashi’s freakish stomach.

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…Kobayashi can eat more lobster rolls than you and your three friends?


Takeru Kobayashi is like a god in the competitive eating world. He’s brought a sport that used to be in the shadows of Coney Island and eateries all across the world into the spotlight, even gaining coverage from ESPN of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. His current world record is 53 1/8 dogs during the 12-minute competition. When he first broke the previous world record of 25 1/8 dogs in 2001, he passed it by so much that they didn’t have any number signs to count how many he had eaten, so they wrote them by hand as he went on to consume 50 dogs. He’s invented moves such as “The Kobayashi Shake”, his trademark body wiggle, and the Soloman method, where he splits the hot dogs in half, dips the bun/hotdog in water, and then stuffs both halves in his mouth. On average, Kobayashi consumes 6,000 calories per day, or 42,000 per week, three times the recommended daily consumption. Despite this amazing feat of consumption, he claims to have less than 6% body fat. Recently, at the World Lobster Roll Eating Challenge in Boston, he defeated a team of four young men to take the title. The four took down 25 rolls, while Kobayashi, having just tasted his first roll the night before, managed to consume 41. As with most of his eating endeavors, that is now the new world record for that event. Part of his skill is due to gastroptosis, a condition where his stomach is set lower in his abdomen, allowing it to expand past his rib cage. Despite this physical advantage, he trains extremely hard to maintain his edge. Kobayashi, long considered the greatest competitive eater in the history of the sport, is sure to be setting more records in the future, so be on the lookout for this Michael Jordan of dogs at a buffet line near you.

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[Wikipedia – Takeru Kobayashi]

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