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…Your watch can hold the world?

Globe Watch

If you really want a watch that stands out, check out the Rotating Earth Watch from ThinkGeek. This Seiko powered watch features a 3D Earth that rotates every 24 hours, just like the full size 3D Earth. A small time zone indicator tells you the hours, while a small orange dot indicates the minutes. It’s even made of titanium to keep things light. Now you can have the whole world on your wrist.

[ThinkGeek – Rotating Earth Watch]

[Via: Coolest Gadgets]

…Water looks cool when it’s slowed down?

Slow Water Drops

It’s amazing what the world looks like when you just slow it down a little bit. These colored water droplets take on an organic life of their own when they’re photographed by a high-speed. Plus, the site gives you a workflow and circuit diagram so you can build your own water capturing high-speed photography rig. Slowly cool.

[Water Figures Photo Gallery]

[Via: MAKE: Blog]