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…Dot has tiny adventures?

Dot is “the world’s smallest stop-motion animation character” (she’s only 9mm tall) shot entirely on a Nokia N8 with a microscope attachment called the CellScope.


…It’s Things Thursday: MiniWatt?


The MiniWatt tube amp might be the world’s smallest, and it might only put out a meager 2.5 watts per channel, but that doesn’t stop it from delivering full, robust sound that is wow’ing audiophile reviewers the world over. In fact, ToneAudio magazine recently named the MiniWatt their “Product of the Year” in the budget audio category.

Sure, it only has one stereo input, and it’ll still set you back $269, but if you’re looking for high-end sound quality for a (relatively) low-end price, then you can’t do much better than the MiniWatt.


[Via: CNET]

…Some news stories don’t need many words?

Here are two pictures that tell quite a tale:

Gibson And Boo Boo

The first is Gibson and Boo Boo, the world’s tallest and the world’s smallest dog, meeting for the first time in Sacramento, California for Guinness World Records Day, 2007. On his hind legs, Gibson stands at over 7 feet tall, while Boo Boo checks in at just 4.9 inches.

Banana Shoreline

The second is the shoreline of two Dutch North Sea islands after six containers of bananas fell off of a cargo ship during a storm and washed ashore. After the spill, the shoreline was bananas, B.A.N.A.N.A.S.

[Dogs Via: Spluch]

[Bananas Via: Yahoo!]

…Stuffed animals don’t always have to be cuddly?

Bear In Eye

Bear On Fingernail

Though probably not the cuddliest of stuffed animals, this is the world’s smallest teddy bear. Standing only 5mm high, this teddy bear, created by German sculptor Bettina Kaminski and called “Mini the Pooh”, would make for a fun morning time activity as you play “try and find your stuffed animal that is barely half the size of your fingernail”.

[Mini the Pooh]

[Via: Spluch]