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…Hockem is sitting with an attitude?

Hockem Trick

It’s difficult to create a new sport from scratch, but SALZIGdesign is trying to do just that with Hockem.

The sport is based around the use of a Sporthocker, which is equal parts sports equipment and furniture.


Tricks involve casting, catching, balancing and (of course) sitting on the Sporthocker, with the end of a move signified by the sit. Think of it as a combination of skateboarding, parkour, hacky sack, flatland BMX, and… sitting.

Right now Hockem appears to only be popular in its birthplace of Germany, and perhaps a few other European countries that the Hockem team has traveled too, but given the relentless quest to find the next best thing and get it sponsored by RedBull and added to the X Games, I can only imagine that it’s just a matter of time before this extreme seat makes its way to the US.


…The Spark is an original work of sport?

The Spark

For the 2009 Winter X Games, Superfad and The Martin Agency worked together to create this fantastic spot called The Spark.

It uses live-action, 3D, Illustration, and stop-motion together to show a trick evolving from its inception in the snow to its thrilling culmination on the course, and is definitely a unique :30 second spot:

[Via: Superfad]

…Danny Way is made of steel?

After Jake Brown fell last year during the X-Games Big Air Skateboarding event, it seemed like things couldn’t get much worse.

However, Danny Way decided that this year, he too was going to prove that he can take a fall by catching his ankles/shins on the coping, and flipping to flat bottom some twenty feet below.

Keep in mind that the ramp itself is 20+ feet tall, and Danny soars some 20+ feet out of the top of the ramp, so he’s basically falling out of a fifth story window, and then getting hit by a baseball bat on the way down.

And he walked away.



…Jake Brown is made of steel?

No matter how many times I watch this video of Jake Brown falling during this year’s X-Games Big Air Skateboarding, I still get chills. Just keep in mind, he walks away! Amazing.

…Ken Block jumped his Subaru over 100 feet?

Ken Block Subaru Jump

Fans of rally racing (myself included) usually watch the sport for two things: the jumps, and the gnarly crashes. Sure, the racing is all fine and dandy, but it’s the jumps and the crashes that keep people coming back. Ken Block, deciding to go big rather than going home, took the former to a new level for an upcoming episode of Discovery Channel’s Stunt Junkies, jumping his Monster Energy Subaru over 100 feet (probably much more, but he can’t divulge actual footage until after the episode airs, so take your best guess). Though it’s hard to imagine just how far that really is without actually being there, judging by the pictures, I’d say the man must be insane! Thankfully, Ken managed to keep it wheel side down while setting this new record, and is hopefully working on some way of back flipping the car for his next performance. Dukes, eat your hearts out. Rally car big-air at next year’s X Games anyone?

[0-60 Mag – Ken Block Interview]

[Stunt Junkies]

[Via: Jalopnik]