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…The second series of Star Wars Mimobots are here?

Mimobots Star Wars Series 2

Mimoco just announced the preorder for the second series of their Star Wars set, including the lovely Princess Leia, the roguish Han “Nerfherder” Solo, the prodigal son of a Sith Luke Skywalker, and the mysterious bounty hunter Boba Fett.

These new Mimobots feature Helmet Caps, which means you can remove Luke’s X-Wing pilot helmet and Boba Fett’s Mandalorian battle helmet to reveal their faces beneath.

If that’s not enough, they’ve also got Mop Top and Headphones caps so that Hans and Leia can rock their hairstyles with ease.

As of now, they’re scheduled for a January/February ’08 release date, so order now so that you don’t miss out.

[Mimoco – Star Wars Mimobot Series]

[Via: Mimoco News]

…Rockets need to use the force?

X Wing

Andy Woerner and a team of rocketeers built a 21-foot-long X-Wing model that was designed to fly using four solid-fuel rocket engines. With a wingspan of over 19 feet, R2-D2 at the wheel, and wings that were designed to move during flight, it was destined to be quite a show.

And quite a show it was:

I guess they should have used a bit more force.

[Polecat Aerospace – Star Wars X-Wing Fighter]

[Via: Gizmodo]