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…Eric Solheim captured One Year in 40 Seconds?

Four Seasons

Eric Solheim snapped images and captured audio from the same spot outside of his house for an entire year, and then stitched them together into a fantastic time-lapse video called One Year In 40 Seconds:

In addition to the video, Eric also documented his entire process, including the story, the camera, the settings, the software, the techniques and more, and posted it all on his blog, along with every source file that he created under a creative commons license so that you can take his work and experiment with it as well to see what you can come up with.

[Eric Solheim – One Year In 40 Seconds]

…It’s Website Wednesday: Joshua Budich’s Star Wars Collection?

Star Wars Collection

Joshua Budich’s Star Wars Collection is a work of art.

Each figure has its own GIF image, and each GIF image links to a corresponding picture of the actual figure, as well as a full rundown of the specific series.

If looking at every figure is too much to handle, then you can sort by series, assortment, movie and year.

Why the madness?

    Being a “collector” defines who I am, and the process has been a memorable one not just for me, but also for my loved ones.”

So there.

[Joshua Budich – Star Wars Collection]