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…The iPod is better than the Zune?

iPod VS Zune

When Microsoft released the Zune, they had plenty of time to learn from Apple’s mistakes and eat the iPod’s lunch by designing a superior product that fixed any of the iPod’s faults; right?

Apparently not, as Crave’s Molly Wood shows (in great detail) with the five reasons her Zune is dead to her.

From poor software and music categorization to tangled headphones, worthless wireless, and the unforgivable “erase all of her server-stored music” feature, it’s a must read for anyone that’s thinking of breaking rank and going with the ‘soft’s player.

Hello, again, little iPod buddy.

[Crave – 5 Reasons My Zune Is Dead To Me]

…Microsoft is making art with the Zune?

Zune Arts

Though Zune Arts is more about the arts than it is about the Zune, it is a pretty entertaining collection of short animations from a variety of artists. Plus they’re downloadable (I’m assuming so that you can later put them on your Zune), some come with nice wallpapers, and each serves as a little Zunemercial (though mostly Zune only plays the roll of a splash screen as closing credits). Welcome to the social.

[Zune Arts]

…The Zune has been spotted in the Amazon?

Well, it’s official: If you want to be the first kid in town with Microsoft’s new Zune digital media player, you better pre-order yours now before the November 14th release date. This thing is either going to sell like hot cakes, or fall on its face, but either way you’re sure to have a nice piece of history in your sweet little hands in a few weeks time. Place your bets.