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…Tank treads are available for your ATV?

ATV Tracks

When I first saw this I thought, “Whoa, cool, an ATV with tracks!” but then I thought “Wait, isn’t that what a snowmobile is for?” Then, I finally came to the realization that although both devices do the same thing, an ATV with tracks just says, “I am master of my domain” with so much more authority than a boring (by comparison) snowmobile. Plus, if you’ve already got an ATV, you can now take it to the snow with the simple addition of snow tracks. Made by Camoplast, the Giant ATV Track System replaces the wheels of your ATV, giving you higher ground clearance and a larger ground surface, and can be used in all four seasons, not just the snowy one. Installation takes two to four hours, depending on installer skill and how frozen your hands are before you start. Plus, you can easily slap your original wheels back on and continue practicing those wheelies you’ve been working on.


[Via: Travelizmo]