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…Tap Handles are art?

Tap Handle

The artsy and exotic tap handle has become the microbreweries’ advertising method of choice, with continuous improvements on their design (and size) as each brew craft house tries to one up the next for precious eyeball space among a line of taps. Apparently, tap handles were created in response to the US government’s post-Prohibition requirement that bars identify the beer they were selling. Beginning in the 80s and 90s, microbreweries and brewpubs began using the handles as a way of advertising their beers to the masses, and so began the tap handle battles that continue into the 00s. Next time you’re in a pub and having a pint pulled, take some time to admire the craftsmanship that went into the handle in control of that pour, because it may be the reason you’re enjoying that beer without you even realizing it.

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[Via: Slashfood]