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…Taxidermy can be customized?

Custom Creature Taxidermy

Sarina Brewer creates custom carcasses for cryptic enjoyment. By recycling the natural into the unnatural, she breathes new life into the animals that she resurrects.

For the animal lovers out there, rest assured, as no lives are lost, since the animals used in Sarina’s work are salvaged roadkill and discarded livestock (or donated casualties of the pet trade, destroyed nuisance animals and pests, or animals that died of natural causes). Sarina adheres to a strict “waste not, want not” policy, and tries to recycle every part of the animal in some manner.

Her work, including novelties, fantasy work, carcass art, cryptic curios, pickled pets, and fashion statements, appeals to an alternative audience, and is a guaranteed conversation starter. Just don’t tell your PETA friends.

[Custom Creature Taxidermy]

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