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…TechArt can make your supercar extra super?

TechArt GT

If your neighbor just brought home a brand new Porsche Carrera GT, and you miss that feeling of being the only kid on the block to have one, then freshin yours up by taking it to TechArt and letting them work their magic. Their pumpkin orange creation is balanced out by exposed carbon fiber bodywork, including the new front spoiler (lip) that helps control the lift created by the 635 hp monster of an engine, now breathing easier thanks to a new air intake and performance exhaust. TechArt doesn’t just give the eye candy to passer-bys though. Interior wise, they added a new sport steering wheel with a leather and carbon fiber rim, and a shifter made from carbon fiber, left exposed for that techy look. If your tastes aren’t satisfied driving around in a notice me orange colored Porsche, they also offer a variety of color and upholstery options.


[Via: Jalopnik]