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…The Border Film Project shares secrets?

The Border Film Project

The Border Film Project is an amazing look into the emotionally and politically charged world of border crossing. Over 400 disposable cameras were given to both migrants and minutemen, and then collected via prepaid envelopes. So far, 73 cameras have been returned (38 from migrants and 35 from minutemen), with nearly 2,000 pictures in total.

No instructions were given, so each picture was taken entirely at the photographer’s discretion, and is their interpretation of what should be shown. The results are a raw, thought provoking, and unfiltered look into an often ignored and highly controversial world.

The best photos have been gathered into a book for what is sure to be an eye opening expose. Through these personal lenses, both sides want to put a face on immigration, and challenge the stereotypes of this secret world. Are you ready?

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