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…The cardboard hanger monster is a good use of recyclable material?


Graduates from the Industrial Design department at St. Petersburg State Academy of Arts and Industry in Russia (Wow that’s a long name) have created what they call a Universal Hanger. Made of 100% recyclable cardboard, it can be made from any sheet material such as corrugated cardboard or thin sheet plastic. The design is convenient for warehousing and transportation, folding flat so that 1000 hangers form a pile only 3000mm (118 inches = 9 feet 10 inches) tall. Little assembly is necessary and they can be disassembled easily for storage. The cardboard can also be easily customized with designs or logos. My favorite part though is that the finished hanger kind of looks like a face if you squint and tilt your head. Neat-o!

[Industrial Design]

[Via: Core77]