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…The earBuddy can protect and serve your iPod earbuds?


earBuddy windup

If you’re like me and you roll your iPod earphones around themselves a couple of times and then shove the whole mess in your pocket, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time later unraveling the mess you created. I never could figure out a better way of storing those things. Now, SendStation has solved the iPod cord calamity with their earBuddy. Designed to be “the ultimate carrying case and the only safe place to store your iPod earbuds”; the outside is coated in ballistic nylon and the inside features an ABS reel to wind up the buds on, and the whole thing can withstand up to 200 lbs. of force, protecting your earbuds at all costs. Weighting in at only an ounce, there is also a detachable keyring to attach this to everything imaginable (or anything you can imagine attaching a keyring to). At only $14.95, it seems like a good deal for a well-designed product that meets your needs (if you need to protect your iPod earbuds), and they even sweeten the purchase with a free iTunes song (or 10 free songs for every 20th buyer).


[Via: The Red Ferret Journal]