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…The Eminent Model 17 gives you the shake and rattle with your roll?

Rotary Subwoofer

Consider yourself an audiophile? If you’d gladly spend more for a subwoofer then you spend on your car (though if you buy this sub, you’ve probably already got a pretty nice car) then cut a check for $25,000 and pick yourself up an Eminent Technology Model TRW-17 (Model 17 for short). Designed with a fan instead of the typical subwoofer cone, this driver can deliver the first true infrasonic (you can’t hear it) home theater experience. Though some would doubt the use of a speaker you can’t hear, one time through the launch of Apollo 13 on DVD and they’ll make a believer out of anyone. This sub is so unique; it requires a professional install to convert your attic or basement into a giant cabinet of bass. How’s it work? The blades spin at a constant rate, and the voice coil and magnet assembly vary the pitch of the blades to create a pressure wave, with the degree of pitch controlling the amplitude. Very cool.

Rotary Animated

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