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…The iGallop will keep you fit and looking rediculous?


The iGallop is coming to America (finally!). Designed as a work out device that simulates riding on a horse, the iGallop will help you loose weight, gain muscle, and look ridiculous while doing so. From the website:

  • The unique Tri-Axial Horse Riding Action of the iGallop mimics the distinct trot of a horse in its front, back and lateral movements.
  • Without any conscious exertion on your part, your abdominal muscles, hip muscles and abductor muscles at your thighs are being firmed and toned up.

They claim it will give you a better posture, a better sense of balance, improved blood circulation, and improved stamina (the last one I can agree with). It works by rocking you back and forth, while you use your muscles to counter the movement and stay seated on top of the device. No word yet on why, like every other company, they felt the need for a lowercase i in their name, or if anyone is actually willing to use this ridiculous looking machine.


[Via: Popgadget]