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…The Internet Schemers are coming?

One Red Paperclip

After Kyle MacDonald successfully traded his way from one red paperclip to one real house, the era of the Internet Schemer was born.

Requiring little more than an internet connection, a dream, and the willingness to do what it takes to make that dream a reality, the internet schemer definitely has his work cut out for him, but as The Bachelor Guy’s list of 8 Crazy Internet Schemers Chasing Fame and Fortune shows, anything’s possible.

From one second films to one week jobs, Wii weight loss to 50 state hitchhiking, it’s a wild world out there; but for some, the 15 seconds is more than worth it.

What would you do for a little bit of fame?

[The Bachelor Guy – 8 Crazy Internet Schemers Chasing Fame And Fortune]

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