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…The Knork is the second to last utensil you will ever need?


The Knork is a combination fork and knife that should make eating food a whole lot easier. One edge of the food devouring device is sharp enough to cut through many foods, but too dull to cut your mouth. This way, you can cut and eat your food with the same utensil, saving the time required to switch between the knife and fork. There is also a finger platform on the handle for added comfort, so that you don’t get the dreaded fork crease in your finger from over use. I always tried to cut my food with my fork, mostly to save on having to do extra dishes, so I’m glad someone has created a product to formalize this process. According to the creators, the Knork is also perfect for people with motor skill disabilities, or those who desire to eat using only one hand. Available in both reusable plastic and stainless steel, the Knork is perfect for a variety of occasions and situations. Now if only they would develop a Knor-Spork, they could put the utensil industry out of business with their wonder tool for the mouth.

[Knork Flatware]

[Via: Cool Hunting]