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...The Los Angeles Times has fantastic food recipes? - Didn't You Hear...

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…The Los Angeles Times has fantastic food recipes?

Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times’ food section is a great source for new (and delicious) eats.

If you’re not a frequent reader of the Times, then check out their list of The 10 Best Recipes of 2007 for a quick look at their best of the best.

With “succulent pork ribs with a spicy chipotle sauce, sweet zucchini braised to a buttery softness, the miracle of a Meyer lemon posset (like a mousse but with livelier flavor and a more elegant texture), and a spectacular summer pie packed with nectarines and berries” all on the menu, it should be easy to find at least a few new dishes to add to your recipe collection.

[Los Angeles Times – The 10 Best Recipes Of 2007]

[Via: Slashfood]

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