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…The monocopter may soon let you fly with the birds?


Andreas Petzoldt had the same dream of flying that most people have, but his dream included making flying (without wings) a reality. Thus, 10 years ago, he began designing a flying suit that would give him the freedom to fly anywhere he pleased. It uses a turbine engine, rather than the liquid fuelled rocket engines used by earlier “rocket belt” attempts at flying. This gives the suit an estimated flight time of 20 minutes, compared to 30 seconds using the old method. The turbine will flow its massive amount of air through four nozzles, stabilizing the suit and providing propulsion. There’s a great bit of engineering in the project so far, but costs are mounting and now he’s looking for sponsors. I only hope he gets them and completes his project so that someday we might all fly with the birds.


[Via: MAKE]