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…The Onyx phone lets you touch it in new and special ways?


The Onyx cell phone is like a gizmo-geek’s wet dream. Combine breathtaking good looks and a whole new type of user experience, and you’ll have people lining up around the block opening night to get one, just to take it home and play little spoon big spoon for a little wile till it falls asleep. The design features a keyless touch-screen that will recognize your gesture inputs. Imagine drawing an X over a program to close it, or the phone knowing the difference between you touching it to give it commands, or placing it against your cheek to answer a call. The sensor mounts over the entire display, allowing the front to be a seamless wonder of beauty. Whether or not you decide to use it, or just mount it behind a protective glass display case in your batcave is entirely up to you.

[Via: Core77]