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…The phone is so 2006?

Sony Mylo

This September, Sony will release Mylo (MY Life Organized), its “wireless broadband communicator”, in an attempt to unseat the iPod and cell phone from their respective thrones atop the music and communication device world. Designed to be the Swiss army knife of the gadget world, its got Gmail and Yahoo mail for your emailing pleasures, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Skype handle your instant messages with the included slide out QWERTY keyboard (big blow to you AIM users out there), Skype pulls double duty and also allows you to make calls with the device, a built in Opera web browser for constant updates of your MySpace account (sorry Helio) and whatever else people still do on the web, and a built in photo and video viewer to show others how amazing your life is (or not). It can also be used to surf the internet (is that term still even cool?) using its Opera browser. Mylo features a 2.4-inch LCD, 1GB of flash memory, a Memory Stick Pro Duo slot, and an external speaker to annoy everyone around you with that new song you just discovered. Not only is it uber-functional, but it also looks really freaking cool, like a PSP/iPod baby. For $350, it’s not a bad deal, considering all you get and the lack of a need for any sort of service contract. It does need a WiFi connection to unleash its massive potential, but once WiMax rolls out, I predict a switch en masse to devices like these. Until then, it’d still be sweet to have so you can continue justifying your ‘first guy with everything’ award.

[Sony Mylo]

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