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…The Rodenator is “The Boss of the Burrow”?


I must admit, when I first say this, I thought it had to be a Photoshoped joke of some sort. I was wrong. The Rodenator Pro, “The Boss of the Burrow” is a real product, and it is really supposed to be used to clear animals from their burrows in the most inhumane way possible. It “works great to eliminate gophers, moles extermination and other yard pests. Rodenator Pro is also great for prairie dog control. The Rodenator Pro works better than traps, or poisons”. Apparently, The Rodenator Pro is “safe and environmentally friendly” (says who?), using a controlled mixture of propane and oxygen that is injected into rodent burrows. A built-in, self-contained ignition system then ignites the mixture, creating an underground shockwave or concussion that instantly eliminates the rodent and collapses the tunnel system of most burrowing rodents species. Features include:

  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • State-of-the-art electronics
  • Many improvements compared to Rodex products
  • Full Two-Year Warranty
  • Optional Extended Warranty available
  • Rodenator Pro wand
  • Gopher shovel
  • Hoses
  • Regulators
  • Safety helmet
  • Safety glasses
  • Instruction manual (English or Spanish)
  • Instruction video (DVD or VHS)

And, if you don’t want to carry around your Rodenator Pro all by yourself, The Rodenator Assault Cart is available as a dedicated transport cart specifically designed to haul your Rodenator Pro Pest Elimination System at a moments notice. I swear, you can’t make up stuff this good.

[Rodenator “The Boss of the Burrow”]

[Via: Neatorama]