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…The Soho Soaking Tub lets you feel like a giant soup?

Soaking Tub

The Neo-Metro Soho 8973 Soaking Tub lets you play games like “Witch Hunt” and “I Wish I Were A Stew”. Ok, not really, but I think this would make me feel like some sort of food cooking away in a big stainless steel pot. The Japanese style tub features double wall satin stainless steel construction, a detachable slip-resistant staircase, and a built in seat that sits 15 inches above the tub floor. You can even get yours jetted with a heating system to maintain a constant water temperature so you can soak away for hours. This tub will set you back quite a bit of change though, $14,700 to pretend you’re a giant boiling vegetable.

[Neo-Metro Soho Bath]

[Via: BornRich]