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…The Viper is getting meaner?

2008 Dodge Viper

The Dodge Viper has always been my dream car. Maybe it’s because of the V10 power, maybe it’s because of the factory side exhaust, or maybe it’s because of the no nonsense speed, but this car is what automotive dreams are made of.

The 2008 Viper is no different, and the SRT team have even managed to take the Viper’s power to the next level by increasing horsepower to 600. Featuring new cylinder heads, a new intake, and a new exhaust manifold, there’s plenty of go-fast goodies to make this snake even meaner, with looks to match.

Though the interior still remains sparse and utilitarian, you’re not looking for comfort with a car like this. You’re looking for fast, and this car is ready to deliver.

Plus, it’s available in purple.


[Dodge – Viper]