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…TheMacPac is coming?


Mark Howson, the man behind MacAppADay, has put together a bundle of Mac programs that he is calling TheMacPac, and starting May 1st, buyers are supposedly going to get quite a deal on the unnamed software. The bundle includes a combination of 10 games and applications, and will sell for $30 initially, which will rise as more programs are revealed. Though details are few and far between, the following is known:

  • $288.86 of software
  • No MacHeist duplicates
  • No MacZot Friday The 13th duplicates
  • No MacAppADay duplicates
  • No apps with a MacUpdate rating of less than 4/5
  • No widgets

It sounds like something to definitely keep an eye on if you’ve got an eye out for Mac deals, so get ready to join the pac.


[Twitter – TheMacPac]

[Via: MacApper]