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…There is a university with classes in pranking?

Prank University

Pranks are like an art that only the artist appreciates. They involve careful planning, plenty of sneaking, and lots of patience. If you love pulling a fast one on your friends (or your enemies) but you’re looking for a little inspiration, then take a class at the Prank University. This book features 100 “essential” pranks with classics such as the Doorbell Drench and Silly-String Sleep or more modern operations like Quick Leg Shave, Wasabi Paste, and Plastic Forking. Each prank features step-by-step instructions and diagrams, and the book has an icon system to mark difficulty, number of accomplices needed, costs involved, and whether or not to film the event for posterity (always, in my opinion). This looks like a great resource for the prankster in all of us.

[Via: Uncrate]